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Recent dietary interventions relevant to Plastic-Derived Chemicals

el, R.A., Gray, J.M., Engel, C.L., Rawsthorne, T.W., Dodson, R.E., Ackerman, J.M., Rizzo, J., Nudelman, J.L., and Brody, J.G. 2011. Food packaging and Bisphenol A and Bis(2-Ethyhexyl) Phthalate exposure: Findings from a dietary intervention. Environmental Health Perspectives 119(7): 914-920.  Sathyanarayana, S., Alcedo, G., Saelens, B.E., Zhou, C., Dills, R.L., Yu, J., and Lanphear, B. 2013. […]

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How does the food chain get contaminated with plastic-derived chemicals?

BPA & phthalates (and other plasticizers) migrate, leach and flake from plastics BPA & phthalates migrate, leach and flake off of plastics primarily because they are not chemically bound to the plastic. It’s important to understand that any specific plastic is a mixture of one or more polymers along with a variety of additives like […]

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