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Revised Stealth Syndromes Human Study Protocol- APPENDIX 1 – Reproducibility

REPRODUCIBILITY – THE SCIENTIFIC PROBLEM THAT DEMANDED ENHANCED SOURCING OF THE STUDY DIET Reproducibility + Confounding factors drive changes, increase complexity, & costs Reproducibility is the acid test of properly done studies that produce valid data. In the past couple of years, the “reproducibility crisis” has been the subject of numerous scholarly articles and comments. […]

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Revised Stealth Syndromes Human Study Protocol – APPENDIX 2 – Detailed parameters of intervention diet selections

Water All water consumed and/or used for cooking, washing, drinking or used to irrigate self-grown plants will be obtained from a commercial device using a solid-block carbon filter and certified by NSF for reduction of BPA and phthalates. One such device is the Aquaversa filter from Multipure which uses a carbon block filter that lists […]

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Revised Stealth Syndromes Human Study Protocol – APPENDIX 4 – Additional references: Non-food contamination sources

Xenobiotic Organic Compounds in Greywater and Environmental Health Impacts Phthalates in Indoor Dust and Their Association with Building Characteristics Green Chemistry and the Search for New Plasticizers Overview of air pollution and endocrine disorders Neurotoxicity of fragrance compounds: A review Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Green Chemistry in Textiles Formaldehyde in your fabrics Toxic Free Supply Chain for […]

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