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Best practices – Precise measurements

While the ingredients in cooked dishes are measured in tens or hundreds of grams per portion, herbs and spices are usually called for in fractions of a gram. While no peer-reviewed data exists, it seems unlikely that studies can maintain reproducability if ordinary ingredients can be measured to a tolerance of +/- 5 grams and […]

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Best practices — Herbs and Spices: Powerful in small amounts, precise measurement needed

See also: Best practices: Scale calibration Spices are at their most obvious as taste enhancers. No where is this more clearly illustrated than the results of a study that every mother would rank as a near-miracle — spices can induce high school students to like vegetables. At the foundational level, herbs and spices are well-tested […]

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Best practices: Scale calibration

Use a set of gram weights to see how accurate your electronic scale is. Recognize that most commonly available sets of gram weights will vary in their own accuracy. However, a kitchen setting does not require ultra-precise measurements. This method eliminates wide discrepencies. After using a wide variety of solid weights and combinations of them, […]

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Best practices: De-waxing apples

There is no standard for the wax coatings used to preserve apples and other fruits and vegetables. Some studies indicate that the coatings are no longer simply carnuba-based, but are undisclosed compounds containing plastic polymers that may trap residues of pesticides and other chemicals. Given that these represent an unknown confounding factor, investigators decided to […]

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Best practices — Sourcing Dairy: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Butter methods and barriers

Dairy has many opportunities for plastic contamination For dairy products, we created an ultra-strict sourcing protocol that assumed that the introduction of plastic chemicals into the dairy food chain begins with the milking process. That strict protocol had to be drastically altered will be described below. To consumers, the most obvious connection between plastic and […]

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