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Study Recipes

  Perdue Study Recipes 2019 Kate’s Pasta Dough   Ingredients: 280g 00 flour 25g for dusting surfaces 168g whole eggs 32g egg yolks 1.45g salt 7g Baking Olive Oil     Directions: Measure ingredients. Make a well on a clean workspace with the flour Make sure the sides are high enough to accommodate liquid ingredients […]

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Why we did not include plant based milk substitutes

Plant-based milk — while growing rapidly — represents only 15% of milk consumption (Nielsen data) and is therefore not yet part of the typical American diet. Even more importantly for this study, plant-based milk substitutes are ultra-processed, industrially synthesized products which involve substantial contact with plastic chemicals. In addition to being a typical part of […]

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Best practices – Baking powder versus yeast

Commercially purchased bread has numerous plastic contamination routes in preparation and packaging — some known and probably others unknown. Best kitchen practices, therefore, demand that bread be baked from known ingredients. One of those ingredients a rising agent — yeast or baking powder. Because investigators could not determine the provenance of yeast — processing and […]

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Sourcing the Menu: Avoiding Microplastics, biosolids and nano particles

NOTE: This is an edited version of portions of Appendices 3 of the “Revised Stealth Syndromes Study Protocol as approved by the University of California San Francisco Medical School Committee on Human Research. See also: Micro- and Nanoplastics: Health Implications As terrible as those plastic-polluted ocean photos are, your body is even more contaminated by […]

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